BUY BACK BERLIN is a map to voice tenants’ need for information, to encourage taking action, and to network sites of solidarity with one another.

We want to connect tenants, landlords, and supporting communities. We want to push for new policies regarding the right of access to information and to bring back the right of preemption in a stronger format.

The Key symbols in the map show the results of the municipal right of preemption (right of first refusal, RPE) – an instrument that municipalities used until the court ruling in November 2021 to intervene against hyper-marketization, together with tenants and socially responsible real-estate companies.

As illustrated in this poster, the RPE has to be improved and re-enabled! In the meantime, this map visualizes our needs as tenants and enables cooperation to buy back the city – unit by unit!

To overview the entries in the map and see all the supporting communities click the orange button that flips the map into a diagram. Go back to the map by clicking on the orange button again.

legend for support requests
Supporting community

legend for action requests
Tenants who want to take action

legend for info requests
Tenants who need information

legend for houses in safe hands
RPE houses

legend for houses via av

Status “AV”:
Waiver agreement (German: Abwendungsvereinbarung) – The municipality and the original buyer sign a maximum 20-year agreement, which specifies restrictions concerning the management of the building (in compliance with the guidelines on conservation).

legend for houses via vk

Status “VK”:
Preemptive buyer (German: Vorkäufer) – An alternative buyer agrees to the restrictions set by the municipality and replaces the original buyer in the contract; this is enforced by the municipality exerting its right of preemption.